These days we are witnessing an aggressive propaganda war on both sides. Due to the possibility of direct reporting from the front, the borders of propaganda have long since been moved to a higher ladder.
However, in Ukraine, regardless of the sympathies of some in the fight between David and Goliath, war operations are developing according to the rules of military science. The Russian army has penetrated deep into the territory of Ukraine. Most of the air defense was destroyed in the first two days, while aviation practically ceased to exist, most of the airports were out of use after the strike from a distance. The decisive phase of the war has begun. Kiev is partially cut off from the West, while the most elite Ukrainian forces are facing an environment in which they should fall in the next two days. That is why the Ukrainian side offered Putin’s negotiations. Yes, the Ukrainian army has achieved some tactical successes in the form of ambushes in which several to several dozen units of Russian equipment were destroyed. But apart from those tactical successes, we did not see anything that would change the course of the war. The Russian army has taken over the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye and is quickly going to merge with the Russian army coming from the north. The war will end according to the rules of military science, regardless of aggressive propaganda.


Vladimir Gujanicic