KIEV – In a sea of NATO and Ukrainian propaganda, disinformation and fake news, it is often nearly impossible to see through the fog of war and genuinely understand and know what’s actually going on. However, there are stories which stand out. And we aren’t even talking about the painfully obvious fakes such as the “Ghost of Kiev” shooting down “half of the Russian Aerospace Forces” or the “Heroes of Snake Island” giving “their lives” for the “defense of Ukraine”. In this case, we’re talking about something much more sinister – half-truths.

On March 21, a shopping mall in Kiev was destroyed by Russian forces. Normally, no sane military commander would target civilian infrastructure for no reason, as the Western media like to claim. Now, this is where we come to the half-truth part. What the MSM “forgot” to mention is an entire Ukrainian BM-21 “Grad” MRLS battery, which was using the shopping mall to hide from Russian ISR assets. Russian forces detected the launchers which would fire their salvo and then quickly move back and hide in the shopping mall’s garage area. Here’s the video:

Apart from the launchers, a munitions depot was also housed in the shopping mall, which would also explain the massive explosion after it was hit.

“Hiding behind dwelling quarters in Kiev’s suburb of Vinogradar, Ukrainian nationalist units have been conducting fire from multiple missile launcher missiles at Russian servicemen for several days,” Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Monday.

“Russia’s reconnaissance confirmed via several channels the coordinates of the position of Ukrainian multiple missile launcher systems and the munitions depot. In the night on March 21, a battery of Ukrainian multiple missile launcher systems, and a munitions depot in the shopping mall were destroyed by high-precision long-range weapons,” he added.

Konashenkov said that Ukrainian Neo-Nazis continue to use civilian quarters in cities and civilian infrastructure facilities as a human shelter to deploy their artillery systems and attack Russian troops.

Further evidence in what appears to be CCTV footage of the garage area supports these claims.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Western mainstream media continue to push the “civilians were targeted” narrative, as we can see in their coverage of the destroyed area.