Shocking testimonies from the frontline. A war documentary you will watch without a blink.

The War in Donbas has been ongoing for eight years now. Much of the world forgot about it until the Russian special operation in Ukraine began. The seemingly low-intensity war was absent from the headlines around the world. Yet, people are still dying. Artillery and sabotage attacks, snipers, patrols, etc. Something akin to the static character of the Great War, just on a smaller scale. The people became numb to the war, to the veterans of the War in Donbas it became a daily routine, many began to accept it as their fate, as a space-time continuum in which they will be trapped forever. One of them said, “the Great Patriotic War would have ended a long time ago, and we are sitting here and holding positions.”

You could see the numb faces of the soldiers, who seem to feel nothing anymore. After returning from the frontlines, a celebration is organized for them. There are Russian children wearing red scarves which remind of the heroes of the “Great Patriotic War”, but the Orthodox Christian cross and the red star are also there, side by side. All the paradoxes of Russian history in one place. The people of Donbass are determined to resist and persevere, survival is their lifestyle and they never give up.

You will watch the documentary by Maxim Fadeyev and Sergei Belous without a blink. They put their lives in danger several times and even almost died while filming it. Others were not so lucky, as the soldiers of the “Ghosts” unit died one after the other, some during the filming of the documentary and some during the last joint military operations of Russia and the republics of DNR and LNR.

The documentary was filmed with the little resources two filmmakers had at their disposal, with no help from the outside whatsoever. Three years of incessant warfare, shocking stories from the frontline, funerals and stories about the meaning of life of people stuck in a “forgotten country”.