Leaving allies by America has become a seeming practice lately. Afghanistan, Myanmar and now Ukraine, or rather by Western partners.
The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan was a signal that much was wrong with the American concept of force projection. The catastrophe that the Iraqi army, abandoned and trained by the United States, experienced in the Sunni triangle during the creation of the Islamic State was repeated in Afghanistan only with far worse consequences. If we were to compare the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Afghan army left behind with the army left behind by the Americans, it is clear that such a comparison would not be in America’s favor.
The short war in Nagorno Karabakh is another indication of what is happening. In the end, the pro-Western leader Pashinyan had to seek the protection of the Russian army to prevent Armenia from complete defeat.
It seems that the model is becoming the same everywhere. Unlike in the 1990s, when the model of “rebellion and calling on the United States to help” projected American power, we now see the opposite process. The United States is arming its “partners”, pushing them against its geopolitical opponents and sacrificing them in the fire of war. Isolated from direct US military support, American “partners” are being defeated as quickly as in Afghanistan, Armenia and now Ukraine.
We are now seeing a similar process in Ukraine. The United States did not give clear guarantees to Russia on the non-expansion of the NATO pact, while on the other hand, it is with the United States. Britain unloads huge quantities of modern anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainian army. The plan is, of course, very clear, to create a new polarization through Ukraine, while the weapons they left behind should inflict as much damage as possible on the Russian army and prolong the war while a ruthless media war is being waged. But that does not change the essence of the game, American “partners” will be militarily defeated and sacrificed in the great political game without any benefits for their own country or people.
On the example of Myanmar, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and now Ukraine, the great powers of Eurasia and their allies have clearly drawn the line to which they will not retreat. They are clearly succeeding in beating one after another the concept of the projection of US power, which, as we see now, leads to nothing else but the sacrifice of their own allies in order to gain political and media benefits.