A lecture by a Russian philosopher, political scientist and geopolitician was held in Moscow on March 4. 2022. In front of journalists from Europe. Alexander Dugin gave a lecture on the Ukrainian crisis and the historical conflict between Russia and the Anglo-Saxon world. Between the heart of the earth and the naval power.
   According to Alexander Dugin, that conflict continues in all fields, and regardless of the price that Russia paid and will continue to pay, Russia took that step, which, as he said, was inevitable. Cutting off from the West, as he said, was inevitable and it is a “trap” that we consciously entered. However, he emphasized that the aspect of geopolitics, space and the cultural aspect of the war are far more important than the loss of the yachts of the oligarch, cutting off from the banking system and numerous other blows that Russia will survive.
Alexander Dugin emphasized that the axioms of the great power were set in such a way “either Russia is a great power or it does not exist”. Drawing analogies between the conflict in Ukraine and the potential conflict in Taiwan, Dugin said that he believes that China will return Taiwan in the near future, but that he does not believe that it will do so now during the war in Ukraine.
According to Dugin, Russia promotes the great idea of ​​Eurasia and believes that the battle for the future of Europe is being fought through Ukraine. If Russia triumphs, the process of European sovereignty in the cultural and economic sense could continue. That is why he believes that this battle is extremely important. It is a Rubicon that had to be crossed, it could not be continued like this. We knew what we were getting into, Dugin emphasized.
  Referring to the collapse of the USSR, he points out that it is a geopolitical more than an ideological catastrophe, just as Russian President Vladimir Putin said, and that in the field of great geopolitics, that area must be renewed and placed under Russian control. Ukraine is the final stage of that battle.
When it comes to Serbia, Dugin said that he cannot talk about that country without emotions because it is his love, emphasizing that the Balkans will feel the positive changes of the great geopolitical conflict in a few years, which practically reaches its peak.