Iran’s IRNA news agency, citing The Wall Street Journal, reported today that the United States has decided to lift sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank, Iran’s National Oil Company, oil tankers and steel and aluminum industries.

Washington has unveiled a plan to lift “some sanctions” on Tehran as part of efforts to return Iran fully to the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA). At the same time, the US capital has not explained which restrictive measures in force against the Islamic Republic should be lifted. But the WSJ cited them with reference to two sources in Washington, “close to the issue.”

On Wednesday, April 21, German, French and British diplomats in Vienna (where indirect US-Iran talks are being held with the mediation of delegations from the three countries, Russia and China) told reporters that they welcomed constructive talks in the Austrian capital, such as and “positive participation (in them) of all parties,” IRNA states.

We would like to add the following: if the above information on the types of sanctions against Iran that Washington intends to lift is accurate, it is almost all the most important sanctions that have “suffocated” Iran – those to prevent its financial transactions, as well as those against the energy sector. filling the Iranian budget and its overall development.

We remind you: after US President Donald Trump in May 2018. unilaterally withdrew the United States from the nuclear agreement with Iran and returned the old ones against it and imposed new – even harsher sanctions, that country began to gradually reduce compliance with the obligations under the same agreement, primarily related to uranium enrichment above the permitted level.

Immediately after taking office, incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden expressed a desire for a U.S. return to the JCPOA, but indicated that Iran should be the first to fully abide by it before the U.S. returns to it and lifts sanctions on Iran. Tehran has taken the opposite view, according to which the United States should immediately lift all sanctions against Iran imposed during Trump’s tenure.

On April 6, indirect negotiations between the two countries began in Vienna, with the mediation of the above-mentioned countries participating in the JCPOA. On Thursday, April 15, the second round of talks on renewing the nuclear agreement was held.