V400 Xintianweng, an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

At the 2020 World Drone Conference on 13 September, Shanghai-based Autoflight unveiled the V400 Xintianweng, an intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can take off and land vertically.

The V400 Xintianweng has a maximum takeoff weight of 400 kg and a maximum payload of 100 kg.

It is available in two power versions, an electric version with a full range of 300 kilometers and a hybrid version with a full range of 1,000 kilometers.

The V400 Xintianweng uses carbon fibre composite monocoque technology for lighter weight, greater strength and improved rigidity.

The V400 Xintianweng has 8 sets of electric motors for lift and 2 sets of front and rear power sources for thrust, allowing it to take off and land vertically and hover like a multi-rotor drone, or fly horizontally like a fixed-wing aircraft.

The V400 Xintianweng strictly adopts aviation system development standards, not only has an 8-liter 2-propeller multi-redundant control system, multi-redundant flight control system, ground radar-assisted off-site landing and take-off function, but also can be equipped with a full parachute to ensure maximum flight safety.

The V400 Xintianweng can fly on autopilot, has the ability of airborne intelligent perception and avoidance, and supports seamless connection with 4G/5G networks.

It will be used in express logistics, emergency supplies transportation, medical rescue and fire emergency scenarios, especially in mountainous and island transportation scenarios, saving a lot of time and with obvious efficiency advantages.