The “three musketeers of the sky” – the J-20, J-16 and J-10C – fly in formation in a real-combat scenario training session. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from China Central Television)

Satellites detected Chinese stealth fighters at a Chinese army base on the Sino-Indian border, in a new escalation against the backdrop of tension between the two countries.

Two J-20 fighters appeared at an airbase in the far west of China, as the confrontations and tensions between India and China entered their fourth month.

The twin-engine J-20 jets can be seen in commercial satellite images at the Hotan Air Force Base in Xinjiang’s Uyghur Autonomous Region.

According to Forbes, the deployment of these combat aircraft, albeit temporary, indicates “Beijing’s intentions at a time when China is fighting with India for influence in the Himalayas.”

But on the other hand, they pointed out that “only two combat aircraft do not represent a great deal of threat or combat power.”

The newspaper noted that the pictures did not indicate the total number of these aircraft in the region, but they were able to confirm that there are at least two stealth J-20 jets, of which China has about 40 aircraft only.

The newspaper pointed out that these fighters are able to carry out at least three attacks or combat missions per day.

Violent clashes occurred between Chinese and Indian soldiers, which lasted for hours with iron rods and clubs, on June 15, and some of them died after falling in the very cold waters of the Jaluan River in the western Himalayas, which caused tension between the two countries.

After a period of escalation that lasted for weeks, an agreement was reached on continuing negotiations by the special representatives “to ensure the restoration of full and lasting peace and tranquility in the border areas between India and China in accordance with bilateral agreements and protocols.”