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TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps raised the possibility of deepening crisis and eruption of civil unrest in the US following the controversial presidential election.
In an interview with Tasnim on Friday, IRGC deputy commander for political affairs said the recent crisis that has broken out in the US after the presidential election may deepen and result in civil unrest and chaos in that country.

The US authorities and Police officials themselves have admitted that America needs to brace for post-election turmoil, General Yadollah Javani said.

The fact that the security forces in major American states have been put on alert reveals the depth of the possible crisis, the IRGC general noted.

“Today, the level of preparedness of American security forces is similar to the alerts that various countries consider for confrontation with the foreign threats. It indicates that the US is under special conditions,” he added.

As the counting of votes continues after the Tuesday’s presidential election in the US, law enforcement agencies are preparing for possible unrest at the polls, amidst heightened domestic tensions and political polarization.

The US Police have arrested more than a dozen people in Seattle and Portland, Oregon overnight during protests demanding a full tally of all votes in the US election.