Iranian rockets fired during war maneuvers in 2006 (Photo Credit: Fars News/Reuters)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:30 P.M.) – The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran said that it will “surprise the enemy soon with a new long-range air defense.”

The commander of the air defense forces of the IRGC, Brigadier General Reza Shebaan, in an interview with the state-owned Fars News Agency, said:

“In the levels of air defense, we have national systems that have passed very successful tests.”

This came during a response to a question about the recently published photos of the marine version of the Khorad-3 missile system , adding: “Even today we were able to cross from this stage and that there are other things in this system that will be gradually unveiled.”

Shebaan stressed that “the development of systems, including the Khorad-3 missiles, are constantly taking place in accordance with the requirements and the needs developed,” pointing out that “the version that we receive today from the missile system is practically different from the first version of this system.”

He added that “all stages of design, manufacture and production of existing weapons and systems such as Khordad-3 and Tabas radars are taking place in the Air Defense Group of the Judicial Force and the Self-Sufficiency Organization,” pointing out that the ‘Air Defense of the Armed Forces of the Revolutionary Guard operates within the framework of the comprehensive defense network Air Force in the country and is carrying out various missions in the areas of detection, monitoring and confrontation. “