Iranian tanker

“Iranian oil tankers’ arrival in the Caribbean Sea is an important event based on international law and with international dimensions which will remain in history as a main chapter in ending unilateralism. This event rings the bell of end to unipolar system,” he tweeted in Persian.

Oil tanker Fortune arrived and docked at its destination in Venezuela, El Palito refinery, to deliver fuel to people who are under the intense sanctions pressure of the United States.

The second tanker, Forest, is also in the Venezuelan territory while three other tankers are on the way.

The five tankers deliver some 1.5 million barrels of fuel to Venezuela that despite having abundant reserves, is facing fuel shortage due to illegal U.S. sanctions.

Tehran’s decision to send Iran-flagged tankers to Venezuela amid U.S. sanctions against both countries has infuriated those in the White House.

Iran has warned to retaliate any aggression against its tankers while noting that it has the inherent right to trade with other countries.

Maduro says tankers symbolize Iran-Venezuela ‘courage and freedom’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has hailed the arrival of Iranian tankers to Venezuela amid U.S. threats.

“The ‘Fortune’ became this Monday # 25 May a symbol of freedom and courage for two peoples: Venezuela and Iran,” tweeted Maduro while posting photos of the Iranian tanker docked in a Venezuelan port.

Tehran, Caracas to win fight against U.S. imperialism: Venezuela

On Monday, the Venezuelan Air Force released a video to praise Iran for sending fuel to the gasoline-starved country in defiance of the sanctions imposed by the “imperialist” U.S. regime, Press TV reported.

“Iran and Venezuela, the two countries fighting against the U.S. imperialism with dignity and courage,” reads one of the captions shown in the video released by the Venezuelan Air Force.

“Our fight will prevail and we will win,” says another caption, referring to the joint fight against the U.S. imperialism.

“Thanks to the people of Iran for their friendship.”

The video shows Venezuelan jet fighters escorting the second Iranian tanker, Forest, as it entered the South American state’s territorial waters to deliver its gasoline cargo.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has also said that arrival of Iranian oil tanker in Venezuela breaks the United States’ “unacceptable” and criminal blockade”.

“The first of five Iranian oil tankers arrives in Venezuela breaking unacceptable and criminal blockade. #VivaLaSolidaridad Long live solidarity among the peoples,” he tweeted on Sunday.