TEHRAN – An Iranian-made satellite called Zafar-2 will be launched in the Iranian calendar month of Khordad (May 21- June 20), IRIB reported on Wednesday.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:35 A.M.) – The head of the Iranian Space Organization, Mortada Barari, announced that his country is about to make a sensing satellite with an accuracy of one meter, to put it in an orbit around the Earth 500-600 km away.

The Fars News Agency quoted yesterday evening that the technical characteristics of the satellite “Payam 2”, a type of remote sensing with an accuracy of one meter, has been approved and the budget of its first stage has been paid.

He emphasized that the satellite is manufactured by 91 scientists at the Amir Kabir Industrial University, and the first phase is implemented by a team comprised of 11 experts from the scientific body, and 80 university students from the master’s and doctorate levels.

The head of the Iranian Space Organization pointed out that the first stage includes the implementation of conceptual design, adding that the main mission of this advisory satellite is imaging, and it will be placed in orbit around the Earth at a distance of 500-600 km.

The president of Amir Kabir Industrial University in Tehran, Ahmed Moatmadi, announced several days ago the conclusion of the contract related to the implementation of the first stage of making the Payam 2 satellite with advanced technology.

Moatamadi explained that the satellite Payam 2 comes in a higher category than the satellites that were designed and manufactured in the country previously, and is among the satellites with a weight of 200 kg, and the imaging process is higher than what was previously made by tens of times, where the accuracy reaches about two meters.