Iran - Iraq - Syria Railway

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 P.M.) – In a statement to the Fars News Agency on Sunday, Minister of Parliament, Mohebati Yousefi, stressed the need to quickly start implementing a project linking Iran, Asia and the Mediterranean Sea via Syria and Iraq, pointing out that this would reduce the duration of the goods transport operation by three days.

The Iranian parliamentarian indicated that the project will link the Persian Gulf through the port-cities of Basra (Iraq), and Latakia (Syria).

The Iranian parliamentarian stressed the necessity of the rapid implementation of this project, as it has significant economic returns, in terms of transporting passengers and goods between the three countries.

The MP mentioned the strategic benefits gained from this project, as it will facilitate the process of transporting goods from Asia to Europe via land.

He appealed to the responsible authorities to implement this project, the necessity of offering financial bonds to invest in it, in order to accelerate the financing process, which in turn contributes to the rapid implementation of this huge project.

This project has been discussed before and it was agreed upon between the three countries; however, due to the economic downturn and emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the railway was put on hold.