Iran has put into operation its first oil terminal outside the Persian Gulf, creating an alternative option for exporting its oil in the event of the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, which often threatens to attack its territory or threaten its strategic interests.

The capacity of the new terminal is up to a million barrels per day, which is slightly less than half of the current production of black gold in Iran. Experts estimate that Tehran, if US sanctions are lifted, could increase oil exports by 2 million barrels a day, which will take 12-15 months, Eadaily said.

It is a floating terminal built in March, which cost about 260 million euros, and for its needs a thousand-kilometer-long oil pipeline was previously built, and its oil comes from the Gorekh terminal in southwestern Iran, along the Persian Gulf coast, which receives most of Iran’s oil.

Thanks to the new terminal, Iran will earn an additional $ 110 million a year.

It should be reminded that on July 17, the Iranian state agency IRNA reported, referring to the director of the new oil terminal in Yask, Vahid Maleki, that the first delivery of oil from the Yask terminal will be launched in two days. on Monday, July 19th.