Chinese military

The Hindustan Times quoted military sources on Monday as say that Indian army representatives insist on the full and rapid withdrawal of Chinese forces from the Line of Actual Content (LAC) border, in eastern Ladakh.

“The lack of progress in the withdrawal of Chinese forces from several areas of Ladakh required that a new round of negotiations be held with the participation of the 14th Indian Army Corps Commander General Harinder Singh and the commander of the South Xinjiang Military Region General Liu Ling. Therefore, India insisted during the last meeting on the withdrawal of the Chinese army forces from the high mountain lake Panjung-Tsu as the Chinese military remained in their previous positions, despite the agreements on their withdrawal reached on July 15,” the Hindustan Times reported.

“After the withdrawal of the Chinese forces, India and China can begin to return matters to their previous position in this disputed area, and draw up a protocol on patrolling Indian and Chinese forces,” the sources continued.

The sources said that due to the curbing of the complete separation of forces, the Chinese army’s construction of roads in Ladakh, the extension of communication lines and the installation of Chinese equipment at the military sites, it may appear necessary in the future to conduct bilateral negotiations between India and China at a high political and diplomatic level.

Source: Almasdarnews, August 4th, 2020