Type 004.

China is currently developing the world’s largest aircraft carrier i.e. Type 004. It will have a displacement of roughly 110,000 tons and be capable of carrying up to 100 fighter jets. This is the heaviest carrier ever constructed. By the late 2030s, it should be completed, and up to four more could be built.

Currently, the largest is the Ford-class carrier of United States, with a displacement of roughly 100,000 tones, followed by Nimitz class carriers with a displacement of 97,000 tones.

An aircraft carrier is a weapon that is used to carry the fight to the opponent. Normally, fighter jets do not have the range to carry out long-range missions, for example USA fighter jets take off from the United States, bomb North Korean cities, and then safely return home. But unfortunately, this can’t be happened. Fighter jets are equipped with a limited supply of fuel and weapons. If they carry more fuel there performance in dog fights will be compensated. Modern fighter jets are improving all the time, with more powerful engines that allow them to conduct longer-range missions, yet they are still constrained. Air Force operations are limited to the area immediately adjacent to the border.

That is how the concept of naval aviation was born. Naval ships can carry a large amount of fuel. It is not restricted in any way. As a result, naval ships can transport fighter jets or helicopters to enemy coastlines and launch fighter jets from there. Aircraft carriers are a symbol of a country’s military might, but not all aircraft carriers are created equal. Nimitz, Ford, and Charles de Gaulle-class aircraft carriers pose a major threat. While China, Russia, and India use old technologies, such as ski jump, to launch combat fighters.

To address this shortcoming, China is developing the Type 003 supercarrier, which will employ an electromagnetic launching technology similar to that employed by the American Ford class. The Type 003 is expected to be launched this year and deployed to the Chinese Navy in 2023.

China is systematically gaining experience. They first ordered an old, rotting carrier from Russia, which they modified and called Liaoning. Then they developed their own indigenous carrier i.e. Shandong, based on ski jump technology. They’re now developing a super carrier with electromagnetic launching capabilities. The next goal is to construct the world’s largest carrier, complete with nuclear power capacity i.e. Type 004

Here are displacement of Chinese Navy carriers

> Liaoning: 62,000 tons

> Shandong: 70,000 tons

> Type 003: 85,000 tons

> Type 004: 110,000 tons

J-15 and J-31 fighters, Xian KJ-600 airborne early warning and control aircraft, People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force anti-submarine warfare aircraft, and stealth attack drones would most certainly be aboard the Type 004.

The aircraft carrier was once thought to be capable of transporting J-20 jets. However, in an interview with China Central Television, PLA Navy Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong denied that the plane would be deployed aboard aircraft carriers, arguing that the plane was not designed for carrier operations in the first place. It also lacks folding wings for easy storage, and its stealth coating is susceptible to damage at sea.