Kandahar Air Base -AH-64 Apache helicopter

Right next to the Bengaluru international airport, on about 40 acres of land, a massive new building is coming up. The external finishing work is on. The building will host what will be Boeing’s largest engineering and product development facility outside its Seattle headquarters.

Boeing is investing almost Rs 1,500 crore on it. It will eventually have some 3,000 people working there. It will have software development divisions, a variety of laboratories, testing and maintenance facilities. It will have a taxiway coming in from the airport.

The project is said to have slowed down because of the troubles in Boeing – the 737 Max issues and the pandemic. But Boeing already has a significant engineering and R&D facility here that has been engaged in R&D in next-generation airplane health management, environment-friendly coatings, advanced networks, and secure communication.

“Our IT & data analytics teams are developing tools and systems that enable the rapid transformation of Boeing into a digital enterprise,” says Bala Bharadvaj, MD at Boeing India Engineering & Technology Centre.

Almost every major global aerospace company today has a significant engineering presence in India because aircrafts are becoming digital products, and the aircraft makers need India’s quality talent in software, simulation and electronics.