Photo Credit: Sedat Suna/EPA-EFE

A convoy of Turkish military hardware crossed the border with Syria on Sunday and entered the Idlib Governorate, Sky News Arabia has reported.

According to the report, the convoy consisted of tanks, armored vehicles and vehicles carrying munitions.

Al Mayadeen TV channel reported that Syrian armed opposition members in Idlib and Aleppo started moving their families to Afrin, located in the north of the Aleppo Governorate near the border with Turkey.

The Syrian army’s quick advancement to Idlib’s southern areas has angered Turkey, which is supporting militants fighting against government forces. Al Mayadeen TV channel reported earlier that 195 pieces of Turkish military equipment, including armored vehicles and tanks as well as trucks carrying munitions, crossed the border with Syria on February 2. On Monday, another military convoy headed to Idlib.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu explained on Tuesday that military assistance to Idlib was aimed at reinforcing 12 observation points of the Turkish army.

Source: TASS, February 9, 2020