Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle Anka (Photo: Daily Sabah)

The government security media cell in Iraq announced on Tuesday, that a Turkish Air Force drone bombed a vehicle carrying military personnel from the Iraqi border guards.

In a press release, it stated, “Turkey’s attack was carried out by a drone that targeted a military vehicle of border guards in the Sidakan area and caused the martyrdom of the commander of the second brigade, border guards of the first region and the commander of the third regiment, the second brigade and the driver of the vehicle.”

The Iraqi presidency condemned the Turkish drone attack, which targeted an Iraqi border guard force in the northern Kurdistan region, and considered it a “blatant attack” and a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

A statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic in Iraq said: “We condemn the blatant attack carried out by Turkey through a plane that targeted Sayyid Kan in the Kurdistan region.”

The statement continued: “The repeated Turkish military breaches of Iraqi lands are a serious violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and a clear violation of international laws and charters and good neighborly relations, and we condemn these aggressive acts that resulted in the martyrdom of a number of innocent citizens in addition to the heroic border guard officers.”

They added: “We call for the immediate cessation of these attacks, and sitting at the table of dialogue and understanding to solve the border problems between the two neighboring countries by peaceful means and methods in a manner that preserves the security and stability of the region.”

Source: Almasdarnews, August 12th, 2020