Turkish soldiers and an army tank in Syria (Photo Credit: Reuters)

In an article posted in the Russian publication, “Nizavisimaya Gazeta”, journalist Vladimir Mukhin discussed Turkey’s recent air defense missile deployment to the Idlib Governorate in Syra.

Mukhin argues that this move by Ankara is meant to impose a no-fly-zone over the areas under militant control in northwestern Syria.

In particular, Mukhin discusses how the Russian Air Force has recently resumed their strikes over some areas in Idlib, which is sign of Moscow’s discontent with the Russian-Turkish agreement of March 5th.

“The situation in the Idlib area has worsened and led to escalation again. Despite Russian-Turkish agreements to maintain the peace process in the region, Russian aviation joined the fight against disobedient fighters in Syria for the first time in nearly three months,” Mukhin said.

The author also discusses the capabilities of these Turkish air defense systems, which, he claims, are more than capable of shooting down a Russian warplane.

“Against this background, social networks publish footage of the transfer of Turkish Atilgan portable anti-aircraft missiles, which can destroy not only drones, but Russian combat aircraft in principle,” he pointed out.

Many experts are confident that Turkey intends to increase its influence in northwestern Syria, which will lead to active combat operations. This is the opinion of the Defense and Security Coordinator at the Institute for Strategic Thinking, retired colonel of the Turkish Army, Medhat Ishik.

He draws attention to the fact that “Ankara is sending weapons to northwestern Syria because the Turkish leadership is considering the possibility of resuming battles with the Syrian government forces.”

urkish Atilgan missiles, which are shown by videos on social media channels, in Idlib, will be in place if Damascus resumes airstrikes. This is what Turkish analysts see. The use of these missiles cannot be ruled out, while strengthening Syrian aviation.

As the Russian embassy in Damascus announced, Moscow has delivered to Syria a new batch of MiG-29 fighters. Turkish forces will have no choice but to try to shoot down these MiGs.

In this regard, journalist Andrei Antikov believes that the actions of Ankara, which supports its fighters in Idlib with airstrikes, “shows an attempt to pressure Russia.”

“The continued cleansing of Idlib from armed groups will not satisfy Turkey. It is not prepared to lose control over the lands where it is observed that the population and the flow of militants are noticed. If Syria eliminates these fighters, the question will be raised about Turkey’s withdrawal from the northwestern provinces of Syria. So, the escalation in this region by the Turks is really possible. ”

Source: Almasdarnews, June 6, 2020