Bashar al-Assad (Photo Credit: Sapo 25)

MOSCOW, May 2 – RIA Novosti. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has signed a decree on a general amnesty in the country for crimes committed before May 2 this year, the press service of the Syrian leader said on Sunday.

According to the decree, the amnesty covers those convicted of such crimes as bribery, falsification of official documents, sale of drugs, as well as juvenile offenders. The decree implies mitigation of punishment in some cases. For example, the death penalty will be replaced by life imprisonment. Those who were sentenced to life imprisonment will be reduced to 20 years.

It is noted that the amnesty will not affect those convicted of arms smuggling, gossism, espionage and terrorism, which has resulted in human casualties.

According to the decree, those who hide from justice can also count on amnesty if they surrender to the authorities.

In March, Assad signed a decree amnesty for evaders from military service.