Dead Uzbek fighters

      The Syrian military is continuing operations to destroy Syria’s last stronghold of terrorism in Idlib province and the western part of Aleppo province. And if the war is at its end, terrorists are desperate to defend themselves, primarily because there are a large number of foreigners in their ranks. Chechens, Uzbek, Turks, Uighurs. According to estimates by intelligence services, more than 170,000 foreign terrorists have been killed in Syria. And the recent struggles speak of a large number of terrorists. The last attack on Aleppo saw a lot of killed Uzbeks, while many killed Saudis during the fighting in Maraat al Numan. The danger of foreign terrorists is so much greater that their fanaticism is greater than that of a domicile population that shares the same or similar religious and political views. But their resources are on the wane, and once the border with Turkey is closed, any hope of international terrorism in Syria will be eroded forever.