Syrian Army fires artillery at rebel positions in As-Suwayda province (Photo Credit: Syrian Arab Army)

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched its largest attack of the month in the Idlib Governorate on Wednesday, as its troops fired several missiles and artillery shells towards the enemy positions in the Jabal Al-Zawiya and Greater Idlib area.

According to a field report from northwestern Syria, the Syrian Arab Army began the day by heavily bombarding the front-line town of Al-Bara’a.

Units from the Syrian Army’s artillery teams repeatedly struck Al-Bara’a and its surroundings, resulting in a number of explosions that could be heard throughout the Jabal Al-Zawiya region.

Following the attack on Al-Bara’a, the Syrian Army spread their attack to several sites in the Jabal Al-Zawiya and Greater Idlib area, including the strategic town of Ariha.

The report said the Syrian Army also utilized its warplanes to carry out its strikes, with the primary focus being the eastern slope of the Jabal Al-Zawiya region.

These strikes by the Syrian Army come in response to the latest string of jihadist attacks on the Hmeimim Airbase in southwest Latakia and the roadside bombing that targeted the Russian military on Tuesday.