Syrian Army fires artillery at rebel positions in As-Suwayda province (Photo Credit: Syrian Arab Army)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched heavy artillery and missile strikes on the jihadist defenses near the Turkish border on Wednesday.

According to a field report from the northern countryside of Latakia, the Syrian Army targeted the jihadist rebel positions in the Jabal Al-Turkmen region on Wednesday, hitting their defenses and trenches near the town of Sarraf.

Following the Syrian Army’s attack, the jihadist rebels fired artillery towards the SAA’s positions in the Jabal Al-Turkmen region; this would last for approximately a half hour before it would subside.

The Jabal Al-Turkmen front-lines have remained relatively stable over the last few years, despite the occasional exchange of hostilities and jihadist ambushes.

The Syrian Army has wanted to retake the remaining areas under jihadist control in Jabal Al-Turkmen; however, they have prioritized the nearby Jabal Al-Akrad region because of its proximity to the Idlib Governorate.