Syrian Army fires artillery at rebel positions in As-Suwayda province (Photo Credit: Syrian Arab Army)

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) sent reinforcements to the Daraa Governorate on Thursday, following reports of a new buildup for a potential operation in the reconciled areas.

According to a field source in Damascus, the Syrian Arab Army’s high command sent reinforcements from their 4th Armored Division to the Daraa Governorate, where they joined forces with other members of the military.

The source said the Syrian Arab Army is eyeing a number of areas in the Daraa Governorate that are considered ‘reconciled’, but facing turmoil over several attacks from sleeper cells loyal to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).

Several Syrian military personnel were assassinated in 2020, along with many reconciled rebel fighters, which prompted the Syrian Armed Forces to send reinforcements to these fronts to help establish security.

Despite the buildup, however, the increased troop presence has yet to halt the militant attacks in Daraa, Al-Sweida and Al-Quneitra, as earlier this week, two Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed in the western part of the aforementioned governorate.