Photo Credit: Ruptly

Footage filmed on Sunday shows soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advancing towards a Turkish-controlled airfield as military vehicles reportedly belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces are spotted near Taftanaz Air Base, south of Taftanaz, Idlib province.

Five Turkish soldiers were killed in shelling by the SAA at the same airbase on Monday.

“It is the closest point to the airport in Taftanaz where the Turkish regime is located, as you see vehicles, monitoring and communication devices, as well as artillery that supports the militants against us during the past two days,” said one of the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) officers at one of the checkpoints in the town of Taoum, less than 5 kilometres (3,1 miles) fromTaftanaz.

Another SAA officer said Turkish forces have recently attacked them with no casualties reported from the SAA side. “We are here in our land against any Turkish attack or others until the liberation of the last part of the Syrian Arab Republic,” he added.

Source: Ruptly, February 16, 2020