Nasib border crossing.

PoliBEIRUT, LEBANON (4:30 P.M.) – The deputy head of the export committee at the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Fayez Qassuma, said that more than three weeks ago, Syrian trucks loaded with Syrian goods were allowed to enter Saudi territory.

According to Al-Watan, Qassuma said Riyadh made the decision to grant a Syrian driver a visa in order to cross the Saudi border.

Regarding what has been reported about the entry of 300 trucks loaded with Syrian goods into Saudi Arabia three days ago, Qassuma confirmed that the number is exaggerated, explaining that the trucks that enter daily are less than that.

The Syrian trucks typically enter the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to transport Syrian goods, but some are allowed entry into Saudi Arabia with special permits.

In general, when it comes to foreign shipments, Syria relies on the Jordanian Port of Aqaba for both exports and imports.