Iran - Iraq - Syria Railway

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq signed an agreement on the construction of a railway with a length of about 30 km, which will connect the border city of Shalamche in Iran and Basra, the main port of Iraq.

Negotiations on the creation of the Shalamche-Basra railway have been held for almost 20 years, several memorandums have been signed. A preliminary agreement on the start of construction was achieved in June 2021.

The railways of Iran and Iraq plan to establish a joint venture within two months to implement the project.

An important part of the project is the construction of a bridge over the Shatt al-Arab river, the work will take at least one and a half years. Also, you will first need to clear a strip 15-20 km long from mines.

The new line will bridge the gap in the east-west rail corridors, giving Iraq access to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The railway will connect Iran with Syria and the Mediterranean countries. In the future, it is planned to organize transit cargo transportation from Asia to Europe via it. The movement of freight trains will boost trade between the two countries, and passenger trains will be able to carry, among other things, pilgrims bound for the city of Karbala in Iraq, a holy place for Shiites (photo: Ministry of Transport Iraq).