Sheikh Mohammad Adnan Afiouni

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 A.M.) – The Mufti of Damascus, Sheikh Mohammad Adnan Afiouni, was killed on Thursday after a roadside bomb was detonated along a road in rural Damascus.

The Syrian media circulated scenes showing the car of the Mufti of Damascus and the area where the blast occurred after his vehicle was destroyed as a result of being targeted by an explosive device.

Scenes and photos show a four-wheel-drive jeep, its features almost disappeared, and was completely destroyed by the explosion.

As seen in the video, the interior of the car shows the seats were burned out, torn apart, and one of the car doors was split from one side, and the glass was broken completely.

Immediately after the explosion, civil defense vehicles and ambulances rushed to the site and managed to retrieve the Mufti from among the fires that erupted in it as a result of the explosion, while the security services established a tight cordon around the (Qudsaya Associations) neighborhood in which Sheikh Al-Afiouni resides.

Sheikh Al-Afyouni is one of the most prominent figures who worked to achieve national reconciliation in southern and western Damascus, and he made great efforts in 2015 to push the militants in the Qudsaya and Hamah areas to separate from the Al-Nusra Front and surrender their weapons, and return to their normal lives.

The Syrian Ministry of Endowments mourned Sheikh Afiouni on its official Facebook page, saying that he had “risen as a martyr after his car was targeted by a treacherous terrorist bombing.”