Syrian Arab Army on road

The Syrian Minister of Defense, General Ali Ayoub, stated that terrorism is retreating and its patrons “see with mother’s eyes the collapse of their plans thanks to the legendary steadfastness of Syria”, noting that today Syria offers the entire world a role model in the face of terrorism.

The Minister of Defense congratulated the men of the army and the people and leadership of Syria on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Arab Army.

Ayoub said that the Syrian Army will continue on its path until the “entire Syrian geography has been cleared of the defilement of terrorism and its supporters, so that the souls of our hero martyrs will be reassured and we will build the years with the conscience of all the people of the country.”

He explained that the “decision to stand and work to achieve victory is an integrated plate and said we will remain steadfast until victory is achieved and we have no other choice and this is what President Bashar Al-Assad has made clear more than once, stressing that our war against terrorism continues until we root out terrorism from its roots wherever it exists and as we liberated many areas, we will free every inch of Syria from their hands, so we have no choice but to win.”

The Defense Minister added that “we are not alone in this war, but we have real and effective friends and allies, and they share our conviction in the ability to reach victory and we will win, God willing.”

Source: Almasdarnews, August 2nd, 2020