US soldiers a front of the US embassy in Baghdad (Photo Credit: Nasser Nasser/AP)

By Drago Bosnić

A senior Iraqi lawmaker blasted Washington for interference in Iraq’s internal affairs, saying that the United States embassy in Baghdad has turned into the den of spies and not a diplomatic building.

“The US embassy in Baghdad has turned into a den to orchestrate crisis inside Iraq. A number of individuals who create chaos in Iraq are led from inside the US embassy,” member of Sadeqoun coalition at the Iraqi parliament Hassan Salem said in an interview with the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website on Tuesday.

He added that the US mission has been carrying out intelligence and espionage operations since it started activities.

“Existence of such an embassy in Baghdad will create concern and chaos in the society of the Iraqi capital city,” Salem said.

In relevant remarks last year, Salem had warned of the US embassy’s suspicious activities in the country, adding that the mission hosts Mossad agents and ISIL terrorists.

“The US embassy in Baghdad has turned into a center for Israel’s Mossad and ISIL terrorists,” Hassan Salem was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language al-Soumeriyeh news website.

He added that the US mission has forgotten its diplomatic responsibility and protection of the American nationals in Iraq and is interfering in the country’s internal affairs by spying, spreading rumors and hatching plots.

“The US embassy’s violation of laws and forgetting its responsibilities based on the international laws mean that the center could not be called an embassy and therefore, its closure is legally necessary,” Salem said.

Source: Fort Russ, February 21, 2020