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The Iraqi Foreign Ministry stated on Thursday, the fact that there is no coordination between Iraq and Turkey regarding military operations against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), announcing Iraq’s options to respond to the Turkish bombing if it continues.

The official spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Al-Sahaf, in a press statement said:

“We condemn and reject in the strongest terms the provocative unilateral military attacks by Turkey. We emphasize the lack of coordination with the Iraqi government.”

Sahaf pointed out that “these actions will contribute to increasing the pace of escalation on the border strip between the two countries, which will not be good for anti-terrorism efforts in the region, but will reflect on regional security, so we call on the international community to take its role in supporting Iraq’s right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He said that “international laws guarantee Iraq the right to respond, and the possibility of resorting to the Security Council, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, as well as relying on a trade exchange that exceeds $16 billion annually in favor of Turkey, and the presence of dozens of Turkish companies residing in Iraq.”

He added, “All of this is sources of strength and options in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but we are counting on relying on the rules of good neighborliness and preserving interests in a circle of balance, respect for sovereignty and the sustainability of joint coordination in all of its people to be reflected on the two neighboring peoples”, noting that “no, we still see a political solution as a way to bypass repeated attacks, but in return we have power cards. ”

In contrast, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that “Ankara is determined to take all necessary measures within the framework of the principle of self-defense emanating from international law, against the destructive activities coming from Iraqi lands, which threaten its borders, security and stability.”

In response to Iraqi statements critical of Operation Eagle Claw, the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman said, as quoted by state-owned TRT: “Ankara provided the necessary clarifications in a timely manner to the Iraqi side about the two operations against the PKK terrorist organization in northern Iraq.”

Source: Almasdarnews, July 9, 2020