Iranian tanker

Iranian ships attend the funeral wake for James Monroe.The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, warned on Thursday on his Twitter account that “the recent statements by the Head of the US Southern Command are dangerous, loaded with lies, and threats to the peace and security of Latin America and the Caribbean.”US Admiral Craig Faller on Monday accused China, Russia and Iran of trying to “rewrite the world order,” and warned that his country’s warships are active and vigilant in the Caribbean, ahead of the upcoming arrival of the Persian nation’s oil tankers. The plot of the brave Iranian gesture of solidarity with Venezuela in unfolding in a scenario full of tensions and risk.Washington is being challenged in what they have always considered their “backyard.” The world is closely following the progress of Iran’s ships, some with hope and pride, others with trepidation.The five Iranian super tankers that are on their way to Venezuela have a capacity of approximately 800,000 barrels, i.e, they carry 127 million liters of gasoline.Further, a cargo ship brings 800,000 liters of chemical catalysts for distilling gasoline, which would allow Venezuelan refineries to produce such fuel for years.The arrival of this cargo ship has great significance for the Venezuelan republic, as it would help break the energy blockade of the United States.Iran has warned the Northern Government that it will respond with very strong measures to any illegal action against its tankers, and that it reserves the right to counter Washington’s threats. In a letter, published last Sunday, according to Hispantv, the head of Iranian Diplomacy, Mohammad Javad Zarif, made it clear that “the illegal, dangerous and provocative threats from the US are a type of piracy that poses a great risk to international peace and security.”Geopolitical Play The USA beats the drums of war, reviles one after another other, accuses China, Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela, moves up their chips, while the ships inexorably move towards the land of Bolívar.Venezuela occupies a very important place on the world geopolitical table and a question remains floating in the air, over the feverish head of the Yankee hawks: what next?The imperial eagle frowns, and the bones of Lord Monroe and company shudder underground. What will happen in Latin America?here can be no doubt in the minds of the White House that Iran is serious, since it has the support of a people jealous of its sovereignty. Lately, when a ship was detained in Gibraltar, in response Iran detained two British ships and did not release them until their own ship was able to reach its destination.In response to the assassination of General Quasem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force, Iran bombed two US military bases in Iraq, calling into question the Yankee army’s anti-missile defense capabilities and causing an undetermined number of casualties among the dead and wounded.Faced with the attack, which remained unanswered, the White House was able to appreciate the power and scope of the Persian missile, capable of hitting targets with high precision, and most importantly, the combat decision of that people of ancient culture and history. On the other hand, Russia and China have shown their support for Venezuela and their rejection of any attempt at direct US intervention.Whatever happens, nothing will be the same.<!