American vehicle destroyed by IED in Iraq.

Since March 2020, Shia militias have destroyed more than three hundred units of U.S. military equipment transported by intermediary companies. In addition, the American embassy and its bases are hit by unguided rockets almost every week. The matter has obviously escalated and the Shia militias and Iran have proven that their strategy in Iraq works. U.S. officials openly threaten to bomb 120 locations in Iraq if Shia militias attacks do not stop. Most of the representatives of the Shia parties announced that they were ready to go to the end in this “game”. Their calculation is simple, if America embarks on bombing missions, most of Shia Iraq will rise even louder against America and its three bases isolated in Iraq, which will escalate the conflict, after which America will have no chance to stay logistically besieged in Iraq. Another option is for America to continue withdrawing from Iraq and evacuate the remaining three bases, and to actually declare victory over the Islamic State and defeat in Iraq in the confrontation with Iran.