The Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) has issued a call for the general mobilization of their forces in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region of Idlib, a source told Sputnik Arabic on Sunday.

The sources confirmed that “this matter was translated on the ground by the organization’s militants transporting huge shipments of weapons, ammunition and military vehicles of all kinds towards the defense lines in the villages and towns of Jabal Al-Zawiyah, as well as strengthening the fronts around Jisr Al-Shughour.”

They added that “the number of Chinese militants in the Jisr al-Shughour region and the northeastern countryside of Latakia is around 4,000, along with other militants of Chechen and Turkish nationalities.”

The Turkestan Islamic Party has proven to be one of the most powerful jihadist groups in Syria, as their forces have time and time again repelled the Syrian Arab Army’s attacks on the key town of Kabani in northeast Latakia

Source: Almasdarnews, February 23, 2020