BEIRUT, LEBANON - AUGUST 8, 2020: People take part in a protest on a city street, demanding the resignation of the government led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab and early parliamentary election. The August 4 explosion in the port area of Beirut resulted in a shockwave devastating multiple nearby neighborhoods, with more than 140 citizens killed, another 300,000 citizens displaced, and about 5,000 injured. Maxim Grigoryev

On Sunday evening, a fire broke out at the entrance of Parliament Square in central Beirut after protesters were trying to penetrate an area surrounded by a fence.

Clashes renewed on Sunday between the security forces and protesters demonstrating against the government, prompting the ISF to deploy more troops to central Beirut to quell the upheaval.

The National News Agency (NNA) reported that violent confrontations are currently taking place between the security forces and demonstrators in the vicinity of the House of Representatives, confirming that the protesters threw stones at security personnel, while the security forces used tear gas bombs to disperse the demonstrators.

Lebanon 24 reported that a number of demonstrators were trying to breach the security barrier and reach Nejmeh Square, noting that fireworks were used during the confrontations.

For its part, LBCI pointed to the increasing number of demonstrators in the center of the capital and the outbreak of small fires on a number of streets, while the protesters tried to remove the iron barriers, adding that the security forces used tear gas canisters against the demonstrators.

This came a day after a wave of demonstrations accompanied by riots and violent clashes broke out in Beirut, where the headquarters of some ministries and official institutions in the capital were stormed by crowds of angry protesters.

Source: Almasdarnews, August 9th, 2020