Syrian Arab Army on road

The head of Egypt’s security services, General Abbas Kamel, recently travelled to Damascus to meet with his Syrian counterpart, Ali Mamluk, as part of joint Egyptian-Syrian efforts to fight Turkish influence in the eastern Mediterranean and, in particular, Libya, Syrian government-run media outlets reported. According to the media, Kamel’s visit to Damascus took place last week, before Russian President Vladimir Putin reached an agreement in Moscow with his Turkish counterpart Tayyep Recep Erdogan, to divide up the northwestern Syrian region of Idlib.

The media recalled that Kamel and Mamluk already met twice over the past two years in Cairo and that cooperation between the two countries has strengthened over the past few years against Ankara.

Egypt supports Libyan troops led by General Khalifa Haftar, and the Syrian government, an ally of Russia, has established formal diplomatic relations with the cabinet led by Haftar against the government of Fayyez Sarraj supported, among others, by Turkey.

As reported over the last few hours by several Syrian sources in Syria, Russia and Lebanese Hezbollah, which are close to Iran and have supported since 2012 the Syrian government in the ongoing war, have started to recruit Syrian civilians to deploy in Libya in order to provide ”logistical” support to Haftar’s troops in their siege against Tripoli.

Source: Ansamed, March 10, 2020