US truck destroyed in IED attack. Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi resistance group attacked three US logistical convoys in Qadesiyah, Babil and Muthanna provinces with roadside bombs.According to the Ashab al-Kahf resistance group, the first attack took place in Qadesiyah province at 10:30 and the second attack in Babil province at 12:15. Hours later, another US logistical convoy was hit in Muthanna province with a roadside bomb. The Thar al-Muhandis group claimed responsibility for the third attack.According to data obtained by ISWNews, this is the 177th attacks by Iraqi resistance groups on US logistical convoys since March 21. Of these, 35 attacks were carried out in Qadesiyah province, 42 attacks were carried out in Babil province and 8 attacks were carried out in Muthanna province.