Vladimir Putin and Nicolás Maduro in 2013. (AP)
Vladimir Putin and Nicolás Maduro in 2013. (AP)

Translator note: The author, Thierry Deronne, has lived in Caracas since 1994 and is dedicated (Like Fort Russ!) to countering the MSM and “energizing the people’s information [ressourcer l’information à l’intelligence populaire].

Donald Trump has just invited Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro to the USA to “see how to take care of Venezuela.”
Result: the two countries have signed a military cooperation agreement. To this pincer of the supremacist right, the forces of colonialism have added Duque of Colombia.


Duque, this grand mass murderer of social activists, who seized power, as former congressman Aida Merlano just revealed, by massively buying votes with cocaine money, has just asked Trump for an increase in “sanctions” against the legitimately elected government of Venezuela.

Far-right local leader Juan Guaido that “Democratic opponent” at least in the Western media, and Trump’s self-proclaimed “President of Venezuela” has just announced the resumption of the insurgency to drive out Maduro.
The method is invariable: use street violence and provoke the police so the international media can make and publish vids of the “repression of the people by the regime.”

The Colombian press has published photos proving Guaido’s links with Los Rastrojos, those narco-paramilitarists who massacre people on both sides of the Venezuela-Colombia border.

While the government of Nicolás Maduro has made significant progress in negotiations with the democratic sector of the opposition, especially in anticipation of the next legislative elections, two fires have just suddenly destroyed a warehouse of the Public Telephone Company CANTV and a depot of the National Election Center, with an important quantity of machines and equipment, attacks immediately claimed by a paramilitary band (see photo below).

During his trip to Washington, Guaido got not only new “sanctions” against Caracas but also a new windfall of cash to finance operations aimed at “regime change in Venezuela.”

The Bolivarian government has officially filed a complaint for crimes against humanity against the United States with the International Criminal Court. The countless unilateral coercive measures (“sanctions”) have resulted in the migration of large numbers of Venezuelans and tens of thousands of dead – the country no longer being able to buy many medicines and food as a result of the Western banking blockade and the economic war declared by Barak Obama and constantly reinforced since by Donald Trump.