Iranian tanker

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:45 A.M.) – The third Iranian fuel tanker reached the Venezuelan coast on Wednesday after making the long journey from the Persian Gulf region.

According to reports, the Iranian tanker, the ‘Petunia’, reached the Venezuelan shores on Wednesday morning after entering the territorial waters of the Bolivarian Republic the night before.

The Petunia was escorted by the Venezuelan Armed Forces until it was able to dock along the coast of the South American nation.

In addition to the arrival of the Petunia, another Iranian tanker is expected to arrive in Venezuela in the coming days, as the Islamic Republic continues to refuel their South American ally.

Once the fourth ship arrives, the last Iranian tanker is expected to reach the Venezuelan shores in early June.

On Wednesday, the Iranian ambassador to Caracas told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Venezuela had paid Iran in full for the fuel; however, he did not specify how it was paid.