Iranian tanker

On Sunday, Bloomberg News reported that the Iranian oil tanker “Ndros” had arrived on the Venezuelan coast, and is expected to receive a large amount crude oil from the Port of Jose, according to a document obtained by the agency.

Bloomberg indicated that the Iranian oil tanker is scheduled to load 1.9 million barrels of Venezuelan oil and transport it to the Islamic Republic, despite objections from Washington.

The agency pointed out that “the Iranian National Oil Company has been listed as a customer of the Venezuelan company, and the Venezuelan National Oil Company as a shipper,” and shows the “New Shipping Ltd-LIB” company flying the flag of Palau as the “beneficial owner of the ship.”

Bloomberg said that the oil tanker switched off the transceiver on Friday, when it stopped in the Port of Jose.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg in September, Ndros is the second tanker to load crude oil for the National Iranian Oil Company, as the Iranian flag-carrier “Horse” was the first to carry Venezuelan crude oil to the National Iranian Oil Company.