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In his first UN report since taking office in August, Schmidt will warn that BiH faces the biggest existential threat in the post-war period.
The High Representative of the International Community in BiH, Christian Schmidt, warned in his report to the UN Security Council that the country is in direct danger of disintegration and that there is a “very real” possibility of a return to the conflict.

According to the British Guardian, stating that he had access to the document, Schmidt will propose the strengthening of international peacekeeping forces in BiH if, as he stated, “Serbian separatists” realize the threat of withdrawing from the BiH Armed Forces and creating their own army.

In his first UN report since taking office in August, Schmidt will warn that BiH is facing the biggest existential threat in the post-war period, reports Tanjug.

Commenting on the announcements of the Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH that RS will form its army, Schmidt assessed that these are threats which, as he stated, are “equal to secession without its proclamation”.

In a report he sent to the UN headquarters on Friday, Schmidt stated that Dodik’s actions endanger not only peace and stability in the country and the region, but that, if the international community does not respond to them, they could lead to the annulment of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

The High Representative also warned of the possibility of a conflict between BiH police agencies and the Republika Srpska police.

“If the BiH Armed Forces splits into two or more armies, a reassessment of the level of the international military presence is needed,” Schmidt said.

He also warned that the prospects for further divisions and conflicts are very realistic and that instability in BiH would have broader regional implications.

Schmidt’s report seemed to be written by the SDA
If someone asked SDA Bakir Izetbegovic or some other party from Sarajevo to submit a report to the UN Security Council on the situation in BiH, that document would be literally identical to the report of “citizen” Kristijan Schmidt, said the advisor to the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency for legal issues Milan Tegeltija, and transmitted by Tanjug.

“It all says about its content, quality and bias. It also speaks in favor of all those who emphasize the superiority of the OHR in BiH, which is no longer a solution but part of the problem in BiH, “Tegeltija pointed out in a statement for Srna.

He says that he is quite convinced that this and such a report will not be adopted by the UN Security Council, adding that, therefore, the list of arbitrary and biased claims will remain without legal weight.

In a report on 34 pages of Dodik in a negative context for peace and stability in BiH, Schmidt mentioned as many as 61 times.

Source Politika, November 2, 2021.