British SAS soldiers

According to British media reports, the British ground forces plan to form a new part of the Special Forces (SPN). In the course of the forthcoming reform of the armed forces, it is planned to create a regiment of rangers numbering about 1,000 people.

Organizationally, the Rangers Regiment will consist of four battalions numbering about 250 servicemen. Moreover, the first of them should be ready for action by the end of 2021. As part of Level 2, the Rangers Regiment will enter the newly formed Army Special Operations Brigade and carry out its own SPN tasks, as well as support Level 1 Special Operations and Special Aviation Operations in Level 1 operations. Marine Service (Special Boat Service). In addition to specialized infantry and reconnaissance forces, the SpN brigade will include specialists in electronic warfare and cyber operations.
According to open sources, the regiment will also interact with “influence and support” troops, who specialize in social networks and online communications to gather information about the enemy and the battlefield.