Photo Credit: Ita Mil Radar

The Ministry of Defense, in concert with the Treasury and Economic Development, raised the funds for the acquisition (together with the technical-logistical support) of four U-212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) submarines, evolution of the U-212A class .

The previous legislature had approved the purchase of 2 submarines, subsequently brought to four by Minister Guerini. The increase in number is aimed at replacing, by 2025, all four boats of the Sauro class, which entered service in the period 1987-1995, and now inadequate to the needs of the Navy.

Four U-212A class submarines are currently in service: Todaro (delivered in 2006), Sciré (2007), Pietro Venuti (2016) and Romeo Romei (2017).

Compared to the previous boats, the U-212 NFS will be equipped with a greater number of Italian technological devices (the electronic warfare equipment will be provided by Elettronica).

The new submarines will be slightly longer (the second series of the U-212A is 57 meters long), with more powerful propulsion and increased autonomy, thanks to the new lithium-ion batteries (produced in Italy) and to the greater quantity of fuel transported.

In addition to the 533 mm Black Shark heavy torpedoes, the armament will consist of missiles with land attack capability (probably the new TESEO Mk2 / E EVOLVED); moreover, the adoption of the underwater version (therefore launchable in immersion) of the air-to-air missile IRIS-T, which would give the Navy ships anti-helicopter capability, cannot be excluded.

Source: Difesa Online, February 12, 2020