Turkish navy

On Tuesday, the Egyptian army announced the start of the joint Egyptian, Greek and Cypriot naval and air exercises, dubbed “Medusa-10”, which will continue for several days in the Mediterranean theater of operations.

According to the Egyptian army statement , this comes within the framework of supporting distinguished relations, enhancing cooperation and exchanging experiences between the Egyptian Armed Forces with friendly countries.

The statement said that “the joint Egyptian, Greek and Cypriot naval air training Medusa -10 will continue for several days in the scope of the Mediterranean theater of operations in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the participation of elements from the Egyptian, Greek, Cypriot, French and Emirati air forces, and each of Saudi Arabia, America, Bahrain, Sudan, Jordan, Italy and Germany as observers.”

He explained that “the training includes the implementation of many activities, including the forces participating in the training carrying out planning work and managing joint naval and air combat actions to refine the skills of commanders and officers in managing joint operations, as well as exchanging experiences between the participating forces, in order to reach the highest levels of efficiency and readiness to implement any joint tasks under various circumstances, especially in light of the rapid and successive changes in the regional and international arena.”

Participants in the training from all countries also expressed their happiness with the warm reception and good organization, which comes in light of the growing partnership and military cooperation between the Egyptian armed forces and friendly countries, and the coordination of efforts and joint action to meet the challenges in the Mediterranean region . According to the statement.

These exercises come at a time of increased tension with Turkey, which has prompted Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, the UAE, and France to strengthen their relations with one another in an effort to confront Ankara.