BELGRADE – Moments ago, Serbian President Vucic addressed the West Balkan nation in what can only be characterized as a heart-felt and somber statement which continued for over half an hour. A state of emergency has been announced.

Broad and sweeping measures have been announced, including the closure of most public institutions. All Serbians have been encouraged to remain self quarantined as much as possible. Adults were urged not to visit their elderly parents during this time, as this group is the highest risk for infection.

Moreover, Vucic explained that pleas to the European Union, which has expressed its desire for Serbia to become a member state, said it would not be offering any assistance to Serbia.

This is similar to the case of Italy – an EU member-state – whose pleas to Germany for necessary medical supplies and related goods, was denied by the German government. This will no doubt contribute to a forthcoming Italexit movement.

In Vucic’s statement, he said that this was the real litmus test – that talk of ‘European Unity’ was all a fiction, a propaganda campaign not in the interests of Europe or Serbia.

The head of the Serbian state went on to explain other measures the government will be taking. Related to this, days ago Serbia announced that it would be stopping migrants coming into Serbia en route to more choice EU destinations, as Turkey has unleashed a human-wave into Greece.

In these somber remarks, Vucic explained that only China has volunteered to offer necessary supplies, expertise, and medicines which Serbia will require to fight this virus.

Support for EU membership has declined steadily since a high-point fifteen years ago when 60% of the people once supported the proposition. The EU’s inability to deliver the much promoted economic prosperity to Serbia’s larger and more populated neighboring states like Bulgaria and Romania have contributed to a major shift in Serbian public opinion. This, coupled with the EU’s unofficial position that Serbia must recognize an independent Kosovo has been critical in the sharp deline.

This comes amidst increasingly credible reports from China that the the virus was started in the US in biological warfare labs.

Serbia, despite its economic condition and small population, maintains a functioning socialized medical system. While newer and often better equipped private facilities exist side by side, the existence of a public system has a positive effect on checking the prices of the for profit system. Given its socialized system, Serbians will be able to receive testing and treatment as the numbers of infected in Serbia begin to rise.