Avdo Avdic journalist from Bosnia

Vladimir Gujaničić

Recently, Avdo Avdić, a journalist of the portal, launched a big chase against the Center for Syncretic Studies and the site fort russ due to the alleged spread of Russian propaganda. As part of that, he used a series of fictional stories that he constructed for his own needs. 
The last attempt, however, is the worst of all and tragicomic. A journalist fort russa and a  , whose specialty is the wars on M. East and geopolitical changes have been attacked for allegedly spreading pro-Russian news. And if it is completely clear that fort russ supports a multipolar view of the world in which Russia has one of the central places, journalist Avdo Avdic tried to make a name out of it. He was allegedly interested in the travels of fort russ journalists to the Chechen republic last year, about which fort russ wrote in two parts.
In a recent attack, Avdo Avdic made up a series of stories, including that the trip to Chechnya had anything to do with the page’s pro-Russian views. It turned out that journalist Avdo Avdic did not even read the articles related to the trip to Chechnya, so he confused the time periods, claiming that the fort russ journalist did not take pictures in Chechnya with the hosts who were very accommodating, as proof of that. the journalists took pictures with Ramzan Kadyrov, the president of the Chechen republic, claiming that the fort russa journalist only later appeared in a video where journalists from the Balkans greet Chechnya with warm words. Nothing is more inaccurate than these claims. in fact a tragicomic lie on the verge of stupidity.
At the end of the evening, General Apti brought in a great guitarist who played several Chechen songs in Chechen and Russian, which was an end of a really exciting journey on our second day.

That evening, General Apti greeted the spectators with the journalists. The Chechens are promoting their tourism and that event happened before the meeting with Kadyrov and not after it, so the nonsense written by the journalist of the  Avdo Avdic about how the journalist of the Fort of Russia later appears is more than funny. The fact that fort russa journalist Vladimir Gujanicic speaks Russian for him is convincing proof, because besides him, four other journalists also  know Russian, which was shown by guests on Chechen television.( Foreign journalist in Chechen republic. Probably the rest of the journalists who know English and Russian are in the service of Britain or America. Also sarcastically, Avdo Avdić attacked a Fort Russian journalist in his fictional interview that he spoke “beautifully” about Chechnya. Indeed, this kind of provocative writing becomes ridiculous, considering that Avdo Avdić writes from a country that 25 years after the war officially has 32% of the unemployed and unofficially even up to 50%. Which is the poorest country after Kosovo and Metohija on Balkan. Any comparison to the infrastructural miracle that has been made in Chechnya in the last 15 years of most Balkan states would look like Dubai compared to Burkina Faso. Just picture of Sarajevo and Grozny. But this is also “Russian propaganda”.


View over Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (source: flickr/ davidcjones, creative commons)

 Grozny, capital of Chechen republic

All journalists were amazed by the degree of construction, of course comparing the situation in Chechnya with their home countries, but also the situation in which Chechnya found itself 15 years ago. The level of construction in Chechnya can be easily checked via YouTube or Google. The fact that things in Chechnya are moving in a very positive direction in terms of development, and especially when we compare it with the Balkans, has nothing to do with Russian propaganda, but with the facts.
Furthermore, the journalist of the, Avdo Avdić, tells a series of untruths in a conversation with a fort russ journalist who is an expert on M. East attacking him for using fake pseudonyms because someone sent messages to his friend from a fake account on the Telegram. Such “evidence” is in itself as ridiculous as the untruths that Avdo Avdić further presents. He did not ask for an interview from a journalist or permission to film or photograph anything, much less publish his picture from the conversation, which was painted badly. All this is, of course, a criminal act. The conversation he published is, of course, fabricated and has nothing real to do with the truth, that is, the conversation itself is a combination of half-truths but with conclusions that go beyond all the limits of elementary logic.
Finally, let’s touch on the Iranian portal Balkan Post, for which our respected journalist wrote for a while, and which is practically no longer active. Because some news from Fort Russians was transferred to that portal “it is convincing proof for Avdo Avdić” that the Balkan post is also in the service of Russian propaganda, which is completely ridiculous. He even says in the text that the journalist allegedly told him that the portal was founded by Iranians in Belgrade, which is absolute nonsense. The owners of the portal live in Iran, and most of the topics were supposed to have something to do with correlation B. East and the Balkans, but Avdo Avdić obviously has a disorder in conclusion, just like in the case of Chechnya, which he can see for himself by reading the text from two parts. He sees Russian propaganda everywhere
Let’s just pay attention to how many different languages ​​there text for fort russ are shared. audited in Portuguese. French english English  Italian
The series could be expanded to sites in Russian, German, Turkish and other languages. Probably, if Avdo Avdić found that a text was shared on any of these sites, he would connect it with activities of fort russ, instead of with the quality of  work. Freedom of expression is what the liberal world, which is supposedly represented by Avdo Avdic, stands for, so none of us disputes that he has the right to represent American, European or anyone’s interests. Taking into account the lies that Avdo Avdic told about the trip of journalists to Chechnya and the lies about the Balkan Post portal, it is enough to conclude that he lied about everything else. Probably for money.