Turkish airplanes (Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency)

Turkish F-16 fighters arrived in Azerbaijan on Friday to participate in the joint land and air exercises between the two countries.

The Turkish fighters were received during a military ceremony before their participation in the air exercises between the two countries bearing the name “Turkish-Azerbaijani Eagle 2020”, the Anadolu News Agency reported.

These exercises have caught the attention of neighboring Armenia, as the latter’s Ministry of Defense informed Sputnik News that they have placed their armed forces on high alert.

On Monday, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry issued a statement announcing that it was conducting joint military exercises with Turkey, starting on July 29 and ending on August 10.

“According to the agreement on military cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey, and according to the annual plan, large-scale joint tactical exercises will take place between the two countries with the participation of the land and air forces,” the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said in their statement.

The statement added: “The exercises will include personnel, armored vehicles, artillery facilities and mortars in addition to the warplanes of Turkey and Azerbaijan .”

The new exercises come just two weeks after clashes broke out between the Armenian and Azerbaijani forces, resulting in 18 people killed.