Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle Anka (Photo: Daily Sabah)

Turkish attack drones were used against the Armenian military near the Azerbaijan border recently, the Russian online publication Avia.Pro reported, citing the Military Observer Telegram channel.

The Avia.Pro report said Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 attack drone was used to launch airstrikes on Armenian territory, but the site was unable to provide an exact date and time.

“According to Russian sources, the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles launched air strikes on the territory of Armenia. The exact date and time of the use of Turkish drones remains unknown; however, it is reported that the military command of Armenia paid great attention to this issue, especially against the background of Turkey’s threats to occupy the territory of Armenia.”

Quoting the Military Observer channel, Avia.Pro said: “Judging by the footage, one of the topics of the operational meeting at the Armenian Defense Ministry was the possible use of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack drones by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.”

Since the information was limited, it is not known whether or not it was Turkey or Azerbaijan operating these drones against the Armenian military.

“It became known that Turkey had deployed at least six of its attack unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery, military, air defense systems, and even, according to some reports, militants from Syria, which may well indicate that the drones were used by the Turkish military, although at the moment there have been no statements in this regard either from Turkey or Azerbaijan,” Avia.Pro added.

Neither the Armenian, Turkish, nor Azerbaijani defense ministries have commented on these claims.

Source: Almasdarnew, July 28, 2020