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Political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko believes that the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry about a possible deterioration in relations with Germany due to the incident with Navalny is an ultimatum.

Russia had been sidelined from the investigation in the Navalny poisoning case, despite requests for cooperation.

Now the Kremlin is requesting the proper information to the case and should Berlin fail to provide it, Russia would perceive it as a gross and hostile provokation.

Moscow and Berlin had a quite healthy relationship in the past, as compared to the relationship it had with other western nations.

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is a close friend to Putin and has been an advocate for the Nord Stream pipeline project.

Now with the suspected poisoning of Navalny, the relationship is growing bitter. With a growing rejection towards the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project within the German parliament.

The European Union now is said to prepare new sanctions against the Russian Federation under the name “Navalny”.

Source: Almasdarnews, September 15th, 2020